Flood Debris Collection Update

ECUA is running its normal sanitation collection routes (garbage, recycling, yard and bulk waste) daily, and then collecting flood debris after (if) the routes are completed. Yard and bulk waste collections may be delayed due to the increased volume of vegetation and bulk waste following the flood. ECUA is asking its customers who do not have much yard or bulk waste and can defer placing it at the curb for a week or two, to do so. This will allow our crews to assist those residents who are working on cleaning up flood-damaged homes.

If an area has a lot of flood debris, clean-up may be scheduled on the weekend or Monday. This approach will allow ECUA to maintain the normal schedule for the majority of our customers, and collect flood debris more efficiently from affected neighborhoods.

Residents are advised that we are tracking addresses whose bulk debris cannot be completely removed in one pass or day, and will make sure that it is collected on the weekend (or sooner if possible). Keeping streets free of vehicles and debris as much a possible will allow collection trucks to move through the clean-up area more easily.

Under normal circumstances, the ECUA does not collect construction and demolition debris without an additional charge. However, in this instance, ECUA is waiving that procedure and collecting the flood debris to help our customers with the clean-up as quickly as possible. All available ECUA crews and equipment are being dedicated to the normal collection and debris removal efforts, and have been working from daylight to dusk since April 29.