Florida Retail Federation PAC endorses 26 candidates seeking open Florida House seats, but not Mike Hill

We guess retailers aren’t too crazy about Trump’s Walk of Fame star coming to Pensacola–

Press release: The Florida Retail Federation (FRF) PAC today announced its endorsement of a number of new Florida House candidates for open seats. These candidates include:

Wyman Duggan, HD15 | Elizabeth Fetterhoff, HD26 | David Smith, HD28

Anthony Sabatini, HD32 | Brett Hage, HD33 | Adrian Zika, HD37

Stockton Reeves, HD47| Ben Griffin, HD49 | Tyler Sirois, HD51

Joe Wicker, HD59 | Dianne Hart, HD61 | Nick DiCeglie, HD66

Ray Blacklidge, HD69 | Will Robinson, HD71 | Ray Pilon, HD72

Tommy Gregory, HD73 | Spencer Roach, HD79 | Tina Polsky, HD81

Toby Overdorf, HD83 | Mike Caruso, HD89 | Chip LaMarca, HD93

Frank Mingo, HD103 | Ana Maria Rodriguez, HD105 | Rosa Mario Palomino, HD112

Vance Aloupis, HD115 | Anthony Rodriguez, HD118

“The diversity of these candidates includes some with a direct connection to retail, small business owners, and those new to holding public office, but all are focused on making Florida the most business-friendly state in the nation,” said FRF President/CEO R. Scott Shalley. “Meeting each of these candidates in person has us excited about working with them as members of the Florida House in support of the state’s retail industry.”