Former Pensacolian fights for victims

The New York Post has an article about NY State trooper Sayeh Rivazfar de rives crusade against sex offenders. She is pushing for push for a NY state law allowing authorities to take DNA samples from most violent felony suspects as they are arrested, instead of waiting for a conviction. Twenty-one states have already approved expanded DNA testing.

On Sept. 22, 1988, her mother went to a bar, leaving the kids with her new boyfriend, Warfield Wike. In the middle of the night Wike awakened the girls and carried each separately to his car, saying they were going to visit their mother. Wike drove for 20 minutes before turning into the woods. Sayeh was repeatedly raped for hours. Wike then slit her throat and then turned on her screaming, helpless sibling, repeatedly slashing her neck before leaving them for dead in the dirt.

Wike was convicted and died of natural causes on death row in 2004.

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