Friday night fish fry buzz

Comments heard as I moved around Big Sexy Foods’ banquet area during a Fiesta of Five Flags Party:

Pensacola City Council is crazy if they pass a fire protection fee.

Local governments are out of control.

When will the maritime park be built?

When will Tax Watch finish its report?

Where have all our tax dollars gone?

We’ve got to consolidate our governments.

No one should serve on the city council more than three terms. I love Wiggins and Nobles, but it is time for new blood.

George Touart’s attorneys will be deposing the county commissioners soon for his upcoming lawsuit.

Ron McNesby may hire George Touart – after the sheriff is re-elected – to help Touart get the more lucrative state pension.

The Escambia County Commission put off any decision on the merger of the paid and volunteer firefighters so that it would not become an issue in the upcoming elections.

Jim Paul announced his withdrawal from the 2008 election because the PNJ was about to do another big story on him.

The Ashley Brown Concert was fantastic.

Make my drink a double – I just got my insurance bill.