Friends of Waterfront Park Newsletter

An Update for you from Friends of the Waterfront Park

We wanted to give you a brief update on the campaign to win the Park referendum, and to ensure the legacy of Admiral Fetterman and Mayor Whibbs.

In the last 3 weeks, we have walked neighborhoods in support of the Park. More than 250 volunteers have personally visited with over 5,000 Pensacola residents.

The response has been overwhelming!

Everywhere we go, people clamor to show they support the Park with yard signs and cling-stickers for their vehicles. You can get some for yourself by visiting the campaign headquarters at the address below, or call the headquarters and we will arrange for a volunteer to bring the materials you want to your home or office.

Now is a great time to sign-up to help us in these final weeks. Just visit this web site called The Supporters Page:

To get more information, visit our campaign website at:

As of today, we have made it through 85% of Pensacola. We can all feel fantastic about where we are in the campaign.

Pro-park signs are all over the city; anti-park signs mainly appear on public property and vacant lots. They have used highly traveled stretches of road, corners and vacant lots to make it appear anti-park people are widespread.

Don’t be fooled! Pro-park signs can be seen throughout all 7 districts – and more are going up everyday.

Families with kids and young people continue to be our strongest supporters. But more and more older Pensacolians are seeing through the other side’s false claims of “we can build a better waterfront park.” In response, they are flocking to join and support their friends who are Friends of the Waterfront Park.

Here is just one example why this is occurring with increasing frequency: On Tuesday night, at the anti-park supporters meeting, one of their first-time members asked when they would discuss the “new plan” to “build a better waterfront park” that their signs tell voters they can build.

The anti-park leadership promptly informed the first-timer that there isn’t any plan for a better park. It’s just a campaign ploy.

Our support gets stronger because more and more people learn the truth about the anti-park’s so-called “promises” and their fabricated criticisms of the Waterfront Park. Every day, more people commit themselves to helping the Waterfront Park dream come true. We are pleased to see the endorsements of both businesses and individuals continue to grow.

Remember that early balloting kicks off Monday at the downtown courthouse and the branch libraries. Saturday voting is also open from 9 – 5. If you have questions, or need help, call the headquarters at the number below and we will help you make sure you get the assistance you need to make your vote count.

If you are going to need a ride to the polls on Elections Day, please call us now to arrange a schedule for getting you to the ballot box in your precinct.

Recent surveys reflect that despite claims to the contrary, this project is a great blend of public / private development. Pensacola does want the multi-use stadium, and the variety of events we can hold there.

A recent poll of families with young children shows that over 80 percent of them favor the Waterfront Park as a way to provide more opportunities to spend time together and make Pensacola a better home.

Thank you again for your support, and feel free to call us with any questions or requests for campaign materials!

This message comes to your from your friends who are Friends of the Waterfront Park PAC

If you haven’t signed up yet at our Supporters Page, please use your web browser to visit us at:

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