GOP grumblings on Access Escambia


We’re hearing grumbings among the local GOP executive committee that some of their members oppose the half-cent sales tax for primary care for the uninsured and poor because they are afraid it will go to helping illegal immigrants.

It doesn’t matter that rules are in place that all beneficiaries of the program must be citizens or have valid work visas, live in Escambia County two years and be without insurance coverage for one year.

Let’s dig up the specter of illegal aliens – without any proof that we have any such problem and ignore that the rules won’t allow it.

We do know – and have the data to prove it – that Escambia County has 66,000 residents without medical insurance. We know – and the data proves it – that the health outcomes for stroke, cardiac arrest and diabetes are worse that the state and national averages. We know – and the data supports it – that we have a higher infant mortality rate than the state average. We are at the bottom of a state that is at the bottom of the country in health.

Give us solutions – not imaginary worries.