GOP strategist reviews book about Greer that skewers Crist

A frequent guest on the most recent version of IN Your Head Radio was GOP political strategist Rick Wilson. The owner of Florida-based political consulting firm Intrepid Media, Wilson is routinely called upon by major news networks and big name newspapers to weigh in on the political topics of the day. His twitter feed is not for the faint of heart.

The Daily Beast asked Wilson to review the tell-tale book about former Florida GOP chairman Jim Greer, “The Chairman.” Greer was arrested four years ago after being indicted on six felony charges: organized scheme to defraud, money laundering, and four counts of grand theft. He pled guilty to the theft and money laundering charges and was sentenced to 18 months in prison in which he served 15 months.

Wilson is not a Charlie Crist fan. Crist served as governor while Greer led the state party and was ousted by the party for using his office to try to help Crist get elected to the U.S. Senate in 2010.

Wilson writes that Greer’s depiction of Crist is accurate:

Anyone who knows Crist and reads Greer’s depiction of him will be struck instantly by its ring of truth. Crist really is that driven by narcissism, ambition, and personal vanity. He really is a purely political creature. The constant neediness, the disinterest in governing, the desire to avoid the hard calls, the passive-aggressive staff games of who’s in, who’s out; all of it passes the smell test.

Wilson sums up Greer’s book: “Greer’s story is one of a sad, destroyed man left deeply bitter at the wreckage of his life at the hands of Crist. He knows Crist used and betrayed him. He knows Crist is a gifted, manipulative political sociopath.”