Hawthorne’s ‘Game Plan’: Work Together

George Hawthorne, executive director of the Gulf Coast African American Chamber of Commerce, said Tuesday that his organization would not be releasing what he had referred to as a “game plan.”

“Any moves we make now would further divide this community,” Hawthorne said.

For months, Pensacola City Councilman John Jerralds has spearheaded an effort to organize another minority chamber, contending that the existing GCAACC is a non-functioning body. Hawthorne maintained that his organization was viable, and in April said its board would be going on a retreat in order to regroup.

Although Hawthorne’s board never went on that retreat, the GCAACC head said last week that the group had “dialouged” and would be making an announcement this week in regards to its future direction.

“We’re not going to release the plan,” Hawthonre said last night, explaining that his group now prefers to work with Jerralds. “We’re going to try to work out something with them.”

Councilman Jerralds has another meeting scheduled for Thursday at Pensacola City Hall to further discuss the direction of the alternative chamber. Hawthorne said the GCAACC would most likely bring up the possibility of working together during that meeting.

“We’ll have it together by Thursday,” Hawthorne said. “We want to work together, we want to bring this community together.”