Hayward responds to Myer’s lawsuit

The IN asked Mayor Ashton Hayward for his response to Myer’s request that he retract his May 15 memo:

It is my understanding that the subject charter provision has been in existence within the City’s Charters as they existed from time to time since 1931. Thus, there has been no change in the City’s policy dealing with council communications with city employees. As Mayor, I have an obligation to uphold and enforce the provisions of the Charter, effectively communicate with the city council and protect the employees from political interference.

My recent memorandum to the city council, which is the subject of council woman Myers concern, is modeled after similar memos regarding council communications with city employees utilized by previous city managers Tom Bonfeld and Al Coby.

I respectfully disagree with Councilwoman Myer’s position as stated by and through her attorney as it, in my opinion, is contrary to the provisions of the city charter and leaves city employee vulnerable to political interference–such prohibitions the citizens have voted for in both the 1931 and 2010 city charters.