Hayward: We will rebuild

From Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward:

Dear Neighbors:

I know many of you have suffered because of this week’s severe weather. Many of you experienced flooding or other damage to your homes, businesses, or vehicles. Some of you have even lost the streets, sidewalks, and other infrastructure you rely on.

We may have taken a hit, but Pensacola is stronger than any storm. We will rebuild.

Thanks to the incredible men and women of the Pensacola Police Department and Pensacola Fire Department, we had no storm or flooding-related fatalities within the city limits. Our first responders worked through the night to respond to those in need, including the rescue of four individuals from cars which washed out along with a portion of Scenic Highway.

At City Hall, we got started on the recovery effort right away. We’re working hard to restore daily life to as much normalcy as possible. Crews with Public Works, Neighborhood Services, Pensacola Energy, and other departments have been working around the clock to clean up our streets and parks, make repairs, and fix gas lines. As Mayor, I’ve been working directly with the County, State, and FEMA to get the resources our community needs.

Not even record flooding can break Pensacola’s spirit, and it certainly isn’t going to interrupt festival season. This weekend, the Pensacola Crawfish Festival will go on as scheduled, and a portion of T-shirt sales will benefit Manna Food Pantries, a wonderful organization that has lost so much this week.

The past few days have been a testament to Pensacola’s resiliency and tremendous community spirit. When circumstances have demanded it, we’ve always rallied together to meet the challenges our community has faced. This storm is no different. Together, we will support our friends and neighbors, we will rebuild what we have lost, and we will continue to take our city upward.

Best regards,

Ashton J. Hayward
Mayor, City of Pensacola