Huckabee had ethics problems

I interviewed Max Brantley, editor of the Arkansas Times, on IN Your Head Radio yesterday. He has the most influential political blog in Arkansas. In fact, I wrote about him in July 2006 when we launched this blog – Blog, Blog, Blog.

Brantley’s blog was a particular thorn in the side of then-Republican Gov. Mike Huckabee. Brantley and his paper criticized the governor’s efforts to free convicted killer Wayne Dumond; his unaccounted use of the state police airplane; his appointment of political contributors to state positions; and his misuse of the Governor’s Mansion expense account.

In April 2006, Gov. Huckabee retaliated by having the Arkansas Times – the 4th largest paper in the state – purged from its list of approved media for the administration’s press releases and news conferences.

Not surprisingly, Brantley had few kind things to say about Huckabee during our radio interview.

“Huckabee had a real fondness for taking gifts. When he left the governor’s mansion, a local department store had a gift list for supporters and lobbyists to give him presents for his new home.”

Brantley felt Huckabee’s glibness and his ability to deliver a quip or two during the debates has helped him gain popularity with the mainstream media, but it won’t serve him well in the White House.

Between Huckabee and Hillary Clinton, Brantley said it was no contest on who would be the better president. Hillary will make the better president, according to Brantley.

“Hillary will do her homework which is far better than the bunch we have in charge now,” Brantley said.