IN June 14 issue

IN 6-14 cover

The IN staff names the 50 most influential and most powerful people in the Pensacola area (Who’s the Man? ). The people chosen are the ones who can really make things happen…oftentimes behind the scenes without leaving any fingerprints. Yes, the list is almost all old white men….but it is Pensacola.

In Outtakes, I take another crack – $1 billion-plus crack – at why I think Pensacola needs to annex and the county and city need to consolidate at least some services ( BURSTING AT THE SEAMS).

Our news story is the Coalition Against Sexual Violence – Groups Join Against Sex Crimes

A & E:

So You Want To DJ…
Outside of the Handlebar the sawing of crickets and the swooshing of traffic on the Interstate 110 overpass is all that can be heard.

Horror Movie Too Sick
I admit, I’m a little torn when it comes to assessing director Eli Roth’s “Hostel: Part II,” the follow up to his 2005 hit about American boys having a very bad European vacation.

This Circus ‘Freak’ Thinks Your Life is Weird

So she’s definitely not a morning person. Vicente Pages’ roommates wake up cranky. The two sisters start bickering and before she knows it, Pages is having to separate them again. So she corrals one of them into another cage.