Ingram pushes $28M in projects

State Rep. Clay Ingram (R-Pensacola) has submitted $28 million worth of appropriation bills. including $11,481,000 for his alma mater, Florida State University.  The University of West Florida is in for $5 million.


HB 3983 Sand and Grit Removal Grants for Wastewater Treatment Facilities  $2,000,000
HB 3985 Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring Children of an Incarcerated Parent (MCIP)  $1,500,000
HB 3987 Big Brothers Big Sisters School to Work Mentoring Program  $250,000
HB 3989 Escambia County Kindergarten Readiness Assessment  $100,000
HB 3991 Escambia County Innerarity Island Water & Sewer System Upgrade  $2,730,000
HB 3993 Century Water Preliminary Engineering Report  $30,000
HB 3995 The Ronald McDonald Family Room at Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Sacred Heart  $500,000
HB 3997 The Andrews Regenerative Medicine Center  $1,500,000
HB 3999 Florida State University Development of the Next Generation Ultra-High Field Magnets  $300,000
HB 4001 Florida State University Interdisciplinary Research & Commercialization Building  $10,000,000
HB 4003 Center for Advanced Power Systems Expansion and Diversification at FSU  $1,181,000
HB 4005 Community Partnership Schools at UCF  $2,800,000
HB 4007 Re-entry Alliance Pensacola, Inc. (REAP)  $200,000
HB 4275 University of West Florida Programs of Distinction  $3,000,000
HB 4277 University of West Florida Intelligent Systems and Robotics PhD. Program  $2,000,000
 Total  $28,091,000