Is BP bringing boom back?

Sitting over beers at Hopjacks last Friday, I opined that much of our region may never see again the boom that BP was picking up as another tropical storm entered our gulf. My suspicion was that the oil giant wouldn’t pay to have it redeployed.

Many of us knew most of the boom was for show….”Ponies and balloons.” From their very first meetings in Escambia County, BP bragged about how much boom it had in place, what it had ordered and what was ready to be deployed.

That was so May 1.

Now BP is disassembling the $5.2 mechanical boom system that it paid to have built for Perdido Pass….Folks, BP, is pulling out, which may not be a bad thing if the company turns control and funds over to the local officials. However, I fear the claim payments and reimbursements are going to slow down even more.

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