Janesville, Wisc. and Paul Ryan’s smalltown roots (video)

NY Times has a good story on Janesville, Wisconsin, hometown of Mitt Romney’s running mate Congressman Paul Ryan. It’s where Quint Studer taught school and first got into health care field. Studer’s grandchildren go to school with Ryan’s children.

Representative Paul D. Ryan’s childhood home here was not overtly partisan. His parents were enthusiastic supporters of Representative Les Aspin, a Democrat, yet adored President Ronald Reagan from their glimpses of him on the evening news. But the death of his father when Mr. Ryan was only 16 punctured his life of math tests and bike riding, and in that fissure, the seeds of his worldview were planted.

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CBS produced this video segment:

Who is Congressman Paul Ryan?
Paul Ryan has represented the state of Wisconsin in the House of Representatives for 14 years. But who is the man behind the politician? Chip Reid reports from Ryan’s hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin.
Source: CBS