JetPay names Valentino Chief Strategy Officer-Payments

JetPay CEO Diane Faro today announced the appointment of Gene M. Valentino to Chief Strategy Officer of its Payments segment.

“Gene has a proven track record to deliver innovative ideas that lead to growth and has shown he is capable of leveraging technology to open doors in new segments” said Faro in the announcement. “In his new role as Chief Strategy Officer, his executive responsibility will be to develop strategic initiatives that help guide the company.”

Working closely with the CEO, Valentino will lead the payments efforts to:

  • Seek opportunities that expand our current market segments.
  • Develop strategies to position JetPay as a key player in the payments industry.
  • Develop ongoing and collaborative relationships with internal business stakeholders to increase cross-selling efforts within our existing client base.
  • Form strategic partnerships with outside companies that improve our strength in the marketplace.
  • Monitor the external market and identify opportunities for JetPay to increase market share.
  • Creating and executing a focused strategy is critical in an industry that is rapidly changing.

Faro added, “As we continue to act, think, and lead like one company, the role of Chief Strategy Officer is key to ensuring that there is alignment between daily execution and strategic initiatives. We will look to this senior management role to help transform thinking, challenge status quo, and emerge in new markets. In order for JetPay to reach its full potential we need a plan and we strongly believe that Gene Valentino in his expanded role will help guide JetPay in its next growth phase.”

Valentino was founder and Chief Executive Officer of JetPay’s recent acquisition, CollectorSolutions, Inc. (now JetPay Payments Services, Florida) which he started in 1999 and built into the fast-growing newest member of the JetPay family, specializing in payments for governments, utilities, and non-profit segments. This acquisition also brought with it an exciting new technology product, MAGICSM, which is a full service cloud-based electronic bill presentment and payment engine with card present, internet, and mobile interfaces.

He serve an Escambia County Commissioner from 2006 to 2014. He has a long history as an entrepreneur, including obtaining one of the first rural cellular telephone company licenses from the FCC and was president of Cellular 2000 Telephone Company (known as “CellularOne”) in central California.