Joe Roberts on meltdown

Market meltdown = Black Friday?
Joe Roberts 10.13.08

As I pointed out last month, the roots of current “financial crisis” are not to be found in a handful of Wall Street financial wizards who gambled our money away, nor will the so-called bail out help anyone who really needs help.

The problem is much more pervasive and involves those at the top of the money heap in every economic sector skimming deeper and deeper until they have hit rock bottom. What makes a healthy economy is the circulation of money. Our money, that printed by the United States Mint, is largely parked in vaults located in the Cayman Islands and elsewhere. The $700 billion appropriated last week by Congress will also end up there, in my opinion. There is a larger aspect to this “crisis”, however.

Creeping world socialism is poised to break into a dead run very shortly.

Senator Barack Hussein Obama, self-proclaimed champion of the underclass worldwide, is on the brink of a momentous leap forward as he seeks the Presidency of the United States. The most skilled of present-day orators, Senator Obama has seemingly persuaded Americans to vote for a candidate about whom they know almost nothing. Well documented details of his life, however, are beginning to emerge.

Senator Obama’s early years were dominated by Islamic education in the schools and mosques of Indonesia, and parental abandonment. As a teenager, he attended one of the most prestigious schools in on the planet.

This unique educational experience was paid for by the sacrifice of his mother’s parents, loving grandparents whom he would later throw under the bus of his personal, political ambition.

Throughout his high school and college years, Senator Obama’s studies focused on the plight of black Americans. His mentors, both literary and literal, were exclusively those who advocated Marxist socialism as a panacea for the plight of people of color in America, Africa and other impoverished regions of the world.

After college, Senator Obama sought relationships with those of like mind, as well as the international terrorist/criminal element; people like Syrian-born Tony Rezko who introduced Senator Obama to the billionaire cousin of Saddam Hussein, Nadhmi Auchi, who was reportedly instrumental in the purchase of Obama’s mansion in Chicago. Senator Obama has been forced to return many campaign donations from this group of Arab foreign nationals as they are convicted of various crimes, but the associations remain.

As an adult, Senator Obama seemingly forsook Islam for the pseudo-Christian philosophy of Black Liberation Theology, which has its roots in the teaching of Elijah Muhammad, founder of the Nation of Islam which teaches that all white people are demons. Louis Farrakhan and the Reverend Jeremiah Wright are contemporary purveyors of Black Liberation Theology and strong supporters of Senator Obama’s quest for the presidency.

The list goes on and on and is just now being revealed by a tainted press corps still swooning at the feet of their new demigod.

But a more apt description of Senator Obama would be demagogue, one who will, no doubt, bring change to America and the world.

Change is not always good. “Suicide is painless, it brings on many changes …” – MASH theme song. As a nation, we will come together to alter the course of our nation next month. Let’s just make sure we do not commit political suicide as we go to the polls.