John Stuart cut by Q100, Cumulus


Station program director and the sole survivor of the Q100 morning crew – John Stuart – was let go by Cumulus on Friday. Q100 had the least drop in audience in 2006 of the three local Cumulus stations (Pensacola Cumulus stations slipping ). Stuart will be replaced by a syndicated morning show.

Q100 had supported the Community Maritime Park last year, even though WCOA was trashing it in the afternoons. Stuart had gotten crossways with Luke McCoy when Stuart hosted “Pensacola Speaks” while McCoy was on vacation and had actually said on air that he was in favor of the waterfront park.

In the last two months: Q100 has lost or cut JJ, Jim Roberts and John Stuart. No word on U-Turn Laverne or Lu Valentino. Unfortunately John Tesh will still be syndicated and on at night.

…Needless to say, I won’t be doing any more Friday morning call-ins on Q100.