Kerrigan’s independent review approves park




DATE:                                                August 29, 2006

CONTACT:                                      Bob Kerrigan


Our firm has invested in the community in many ways. We have supported virtually every fund-raising effort to make the city a better place. We have sought nothing in return. We have no business relationship with Mr. Studer, and no such relationship is contemplated. We have a long and well-documented commitment to the minority communities in our city. We have also been active in our criticism of decisions of the City Council in the past. In sum, we have no ulterior motives in the endorsement we now make of the Maritime Park.

We have read the documents available to the public available on the city’s website. We have asked probing questions regarding the feasibility of the proposed Maritime Park. We have examined the criticisms, including the suggestion that taxes will increase, and find them to be without merit. Our conclusion is that the proposed park will be of great benefit to the city and the region. A level of trust is required in any endeavor of this magnitude. We place great stock in the participation of Judge Collier, President Cavanaugh and many other outstanding citizens. We are also mindful of the vision of Admiral Fetterman and Mayor Whibbs that this national museum would be a tremendous economic boost to the community. We believe the overtures to include meaningful participation by the minority community are sincere, and we will watch to assure those commitments are kept.

Many years ago we acquired property in the middle of the Trillium tract. We gave this property to the city on the condition that the land be used in the public interest. We believe the Maritime Park meets that requirement. If the park is rejected, it’s benefactors and supporters at all levels will have little appetite for any further efforts to improve this land. The city, through Tom Bonfield and John Fleming, has exercised great care in the drafting of the agreements which created a critical safeguard by giving the city a virtual veto the subleases. The governing structure which will be established will allow for meaningful citizen input as the plan unfolds.   

We support the Maritime Park and urge its passage.