McCollum gets in a few licks, but Scott survives debate

Today’s Spanish-language debate between GOP governor candidates had a few jabs, but no knockout punches. Bill McCollum took a swipe at his opponent Rick Scott’s shady history with Columbia/HCA: “‘Rick, let’s get serious. You said you took responsibility, but the only thing you took was $300 million. You took it from seniors, you took it from veterans, you took it from the sick.”

Miami Herald reporter Beth Reinhard writes that McCollum delivered a steadier performance, but his zinger may have little impact because the debate will shown to a very limited audience –at 11:15 p.m. on Univisión stations in Miami, Orlando and Tampa. It will also air on WQBA-1140 AM.

Reinhard reports that “Scott did not commit any major gaffes, though he stumbled a bit and awkwardly suggested that he had embraced the Hispanic community by learning to drink cortaditos and eat late dinners.”

The next debate is Thursday. Read Reinhard’s article here.