McCollum voted in favor of liability limits for BP

From a reader:

I don’ t know if anyone cares, but it is ironic that in the wake of Exxon Valdes, McCollum voted to limit the exposure of polluters….and this session McCollum’s take home bill was limiting The atty gens ability to hire outside counsel..

In 1990, Congressman McCollum voted to limit the liability for economic losses and damages resulting from oil spills. H.R. 1465 – Oil Protection Act of 1990. Attached a documents explaining the bill and the vote sheet.

Attorney General Bill McCollum is running for Floridia Governor. Yesterday McCollum told reporters at the EOC that we should worry about the federal limits because Florida laws will kick in when it hits our shores and waters. Thanks, Bill

H.R. 1465 [101st]- Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (²

House Vote on Conference Report- H.R. 1465 [101st]- Oil Pollution Act of 1990²