Mediacom-WEAR showdown on Friday

man fallingWill Mediacom pay WEAR $6/yr for every subscriber in Santa Rosa County and on Pensacola Beach? If Mediacom drops the ABC affiliate will WEAR drop its ad rates since it will lose 25%-30% of its market? Will Mediacom drop its rates?

My guess is the answer to all three questions is NO. Meanwhile WEAR/Sinclair Broadcast has extended its rebate program to entice people to drop cable and sign up with Direct TV to 12/31/06. Apparently their plan to bypass Mediacom hasn’t worked as planned.

Most people I talk to in the Gulf Breeze area could care less. LOST & Gray’s Anatomy have no new episodes until Feb. or Mar. The only show that might be missed is Desperate Housewives. I suspect bars and restaurants will fill the gap by offering DH viewing nights.

Life in Santa Rosa County will proceed without WEAR.