Message on Amendment 6

Dear Friends of The Oar House:

As you may know, The Oar House is owned and operated by Marina Management Corporation, owner and operator of four marinas in the Pensacola area. On the ballot this year is Constitutional Amendment #6, which addresses a fairness issue related to the taxing of property used for water-dependent marine activities. Currently, tax assessors can levy waterfront property based on “highest and best use.” This means that marinas, boatyards, dry storage facilities, and the like can be taxed as if the land were used for high-rise condominiums. The associated property tax increase alone has forced many marinas to close and sell out to condo developers. This limits access to the water for all boaters.

Amendment 6 is designed to clearly state that the property can only be taxed according to its current use. This is not a tax-break or a tax exemption. This is merely codifying what is fair – that the property should be tax in a matter consistent with its use.

Please vote “YES” on Amendment 6 and ask other Florida voters to do the same. It requires a 60% “YES” vote to pass.

You can get additional information at

Thank you for your support!!
Marina Management Corporation and
The Oar House on Bayou Chico