Mounds of dead fish at Grand Isle

New Orleans photographer Jack Moran put this on his blog:
” I am very familiar with the area having spent a considerable amount of time shrimping and fishing on Elmers Island and Grand Isle, we have a family home down there….I was accompanied by friend and fellow photographer Andy Levin on my trips, when I suggested we stop looking on the sand and go back towards the marsh grass, he seemed a bit puzzled, but knowing the mindset of the locals, and trusting my gut, I felt that if there were shortcuts to be taken, that would be the place to look. Immediately upon entering the brush, the STRONG stench of death overcame me, and this is where we found at least 13 Bull Redfish, whole bodies, some covered in oil, discarded and rotting. No one would ever throw away such a catch and it was obvious to me what the cause of death was……..additionally, we found the exposed freshly rotting head of what appeared to be a dolphin, at the top of an unnatural sand mound about 20 yards away”

You have to see the photos – here.