National Climate Assessment report links flooding, other conditions, to climate change

A new U.S. government report released today finds that climate change is having a broad impact on both weather and the economy.

The third National Climate Assessment (NCA) focuses on the U.S. and has been signed off by the federal National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee. It is considered the most comprehensive look at climate change the government has ever produced.

NPR’s Elizabeth Shogren said in her analysis, “The report finds Climate change is causing more frequent or intense heat waves and downpours. In some regions it’s causing more floods or droughts. Climate change already disrupts key parts of our economy — energy, transportation, agriculture and water supply.”

Among the NCA’s findings were four critical conclusions, according to Time Magazine:

1. Droughts will continue in the Southwest.

2. Alaska will melt because the Arctic is the fastest warming part of the world.

3. Coastlines will be in danger. Sea levels will continue to rise and the risk of flooding will intensify.

4. As warming intensifies, the negative impacts for crops and livestocks will begin to outweigh the positive ones.

We will hear more about this in the coming weeks and months.