Neighbors question Mt. Lily project

Tomorrow the Pensacola City Council will conduct a Quasi-Judicial Hearing to consider the request for a Conditional Use Permit to convert the existing structure at 209 North A Street into six dwelling units of affordable rentals. (For more background on the project, read “A New Housing Playbook.“)

Nine neighbors have submitted a petition opposing the project: “While the undersigned have a genuine desire to preserve the integrity of the Westside Garden District, to bring life back to the property that met its demise in the wake of the Covid pandemic, and provide affordable whining in the community, we collectively agree that the proposal is disadvantageous. Regardless of the configuration, the property will not allow for adequate parking, waste removal and will conform with the property usage in the immediate surrounding area.”

One of the petitioners, Robert Nay, called Inweekly on Tuesday to explain that he opposed the project because he sees it as a public safety issue for the neighbor. He said the plans only have four parking spaces, even though the building will have six units.

Nay questioned how the project will handle each unit needing two waste cans – for waste and recycling. He said, “That’s twelve cans.”

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