Newsweek reports Tice investigated in Ala. too

Newsweek has an online article on the Billings case. Senior Reporter Catharine Skipp spent nearly two weeks in the area working on the story. In it, she reports:

Another individual made similar allegations against Tice to police in Foley, Ala., home to another of his businesses. There, Det. Larry Dearing confirmed to NEWSWEEK that Tice is under investigation for allegedly smuggling 23 vehicles worth $61,000 to buyers in Mexico (though he has not been charged). The two acquaintances say Escambia County sheriff’s detectives recently informed Billings that they were making progress in their investigation. Perhaps Tice was “worried about [Billings] testifying” against him, speculates one. What’s certain, says the other, is that Tice “hates [Byrd] Billings with a passion.”

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