Nine month city financial reports show impact of flood

The Pensacola City Council agenda for next week is out. The Climate Change Task Force is back on the agenda, as well as the conversion of council policies to ordinances and overriding the mayor’s veto of Ordinances 26-14 and 27-14. Nothing on Councilman Larry Johnson’s proposal to investigate the conduct of fellow Council member Sherri Myers, but it doesn’t mean that he won’t bring it up as an add-on.

Interim City Administrator Dick Barker included the city financial report for the nine months ending June 30, 2014. The Municipal Golf Course lost $210,900 for the period and received a $67,500 subsidy from the general fund. The course was heavily damaged by the April floods. Rounds played are down about a third over 2013. Barker estimates the course will need an additional $250,000 subsidy by Sept. 30.

Airport has lost $717,000 through June 30. “Revenues are not anticipated to meet budget,” writes Barker. He did note that the Airport’s agreement with the airlines provides for the carriers to fund any shortfall, excluding incentives, should that occur.

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