Notes: BCC agenda meeting 4.03.08

All County Commissioners present except Commissioner Grover Robinson, District 4.
Call to order at 9:05 a.m.

Items to be added to the agenda:
Commissioner Kevin White added the “property exchange” issue to the evening’s agenda.
Commissioner Mike Whitehead added three issues to the agenda:
1. A memo concerning the new refueling tanker to be built in Mobile, Ala. area.
2. A recommendation concerning Providence Manor Final Plat.
3. A recommendation concerning out-of-town travel.

A. The proclamation proclaiming April 13 – 19, 2008 “Public Safety Telecommunicators Week” in Escambia County.

B. The proclamation proclaiming May 18 – 24, 2008 as “Public Works Week” in Escambia County.

Written Communication
1. “We have three written communications for tonight,” County Attorney Rogers said.
Citizen Ken Burnham wrote regarding an “After the Fact” Land and Tree permit. Burnham is required to pay $3,600 for replacement of trees he cut down or replant 18 trees on his property at 5529 Empire Drive.
After putting 4 mobile homes on his property, he says he no longer has room to plant the trees.
“But he knew he needed to plant the trees before he put the mobile homes there,” Commissioner Gene Valentino said.
“I don’t think this guy has a leg to stand on,” Commissioner Mike Whitehead said.
2. Citizen David H. Gilchrist wrote regarding leans and fines against his property at 2520 North Pace Boulevard. The total amount of the lien is $6,440.
“This is up to the board,” Rogers said. “We have no legal reason to excuse it.”
3. Janet Connell and Douglas Espinoza requests that the board forgive a lien against property located at 2135 Gloria Circle. The total lien is $1,600.
“We think there is a due process problem in this case. We are not sure that these homeowners received proper notice,” Rogers said. “We recommend a total relief in this case.”

Public hearing for consideration of adopting an ordinance creating the Cardinal Creek Street Lighting MSBU.

Public hearing for consideration of adopting an ordinance creating Boulder Creek and First Addition Street Lighting MSBU.

Public hearing for consideration of rezoning case 2008-1, requesting by the Santa Rosa Island Authority.

Program Coordinator Gafford suggested everyone check out the Health Fair. County Administrator McLaughlin said he already had.
“I am obese, they said” McLaughlin said. “And my blood pressure is a little high.”

Meeting adjourned at 9:35 a.m.