Operation Beat David Morgan?


I’ve been hearing and reading on the PNJ website that the real impetus for Sheriff Ron McNesby’s 30-day effort to clean up Brownsville was a BLAB program by 2008 Escambia Co. Sheriff candidate David Morgan.

Found this copy of the show on Morgan’s campaign web site (David Morgan for Sheriff 2008 – Home Page ). Sure enough Morgan is standing on the streets of Brownville blasting the ECSO’s lack of protection of Brownsville citizens and businesses. An apartment owner speaks of his frustrations getting help from the ECSO.

The show is 25 minutes long and realize Morgan’s trying to get votes, but the first 3-4 minutes give you the gist of the show.

Click to view: Official Campaign Show # 2

Note: This post is not an endorsement of the Morgan campaign just an investigation into comments posted on this blog and the PNJ site. Operation Brownsville is a positive improvement. If it took a show by Morgan to get it done, then thank you, Mr. Morgan.