PAC man wisdom

This quote is from another Viewpoint by Charlie Fairchild:

“City Hall usually undertakes studies to provide the verification and justification of some heavily biased, expensive and usually unrealistic staff proposal. Generally taxpayers see through this charade, voice objections and the plan gets relegated to its rightful place on a back shelf.

Obtaining a City Hall study that is free of heavy City Hall influence is a rarity. City Hall advances the proposal, sets the criteria, selects the consultant and has intensive contact during the study. A consultant whose plan does not reflect the desires of City Hall has little likelihood of being selected for additional consulting jobs. Just as government money is not free, most City Hall studies are not impartial.”

Based on this viewpoint and others by Charlie, it would seem that he would be FOR the proposed charter – with its term limits, two branches (executive and legislative) and easier public initiatives (10% of the voters).