Pam Wiggins’ daughter: Hugh Wiggins knew everything

A reader sent me this post on the website “Justice must be served” that is by someone claiming to be Pamela Long Wiggins’ daughter. It was posted on July 28:

The trial for Pamela Long has just ended today. The jury found her guilty. I find that hard to believe. I am the daughter of Pamela Lavern Long and there is no reason to find her guilty. She is a woman of strength, however, like most woman tend to do, when a man comes in their life they may tend to do irrational things.

Hugh Wiggins has come into our lives and has turned my world upside down. He has threatened my mother and my brother. She has dealt with his abuse, even in some negative ways. My mom began fighting an addiction with alcohol. The alcohol was her way of masking the pain. As soon as Hugh would leave home and go back off shore to go to work it’s like I had my momma back.

I have dealt with emotional abuse from Hugh Wiggins and Patrick Gonzalez long enough. These two men are criminals and abused their power in their relationship with my mother. My mother along with Patrick’s wife Tabitha was preoccupied with other obligations other than dirty work of Patrick or Hugh. I know for a fact they did not say one thing about the planning of this murder to my mother.

My mother isn’t psychotic! Her main worries in life were to make sure myself and my brother were taken care of. She tended to her properties and the Antique Mall. She didn’t have time for anything else.

Why is it that my mother has been found guilty because of these criminals? For one, she was given immunity for the little information that she did know about and could offer to the police. Hugh Wiggins on the other hand knew everything. He actually planned the murder to happen in the a way that he could not be taken to jail. He was supposed to turn off the security camera’s. He gave Patrick my mother’s guns. He didn’t turn off the cameras for a reason. He planned the murder to happen when he went off shore to go to work, and before my mother even knew he was back in town he had gone to the police and put blame on everyone else! He knew that Patrick was going to kill Mr. and Mrs. Billings, but he waits to tell someone after this crime took place.

Who is that f$#@ed up in the head?

The strange part is that the police took away my mother’s immunity because she didn’t have as much to offer as Hugh Wiggins. WHAT? That shows that she didn’t have anything to do with this awful crime, and she was taken into custody without being proven guilty.

UUUMMMM HELLO!! That’s against her rights in the constitution. I am in remorse for the children of the billings family. My heart and best wishes go out to them, but my family is just as much of a group of victims. My mother would never hurt anyone, but I know for a fact Hugh Wiggins will.

The police want to arrest someone, and the Billings family wants justice? Fight against this wrong doing with the Long family. Its time for my mother to come home to me. She is my best friend and my whole world. It is time for Hugh Wiggins who truly committed this crime along with Patrick, to go down. Justice needs to be served in the correct way! Time for the real criminal to be behind bars so I can have my mother home with me!