Park recap…while you were sleeping


Stop Our City puts out yard signs – “We can build a better waterfront park.” But they offer no suggestions or plans. Their emails show that they never had a plan – only attack Quint Studer and mislead the public (44 pages; 52 pages)
Stop Our City mails out glossy campaign brochure that claims “No maritime museum”. But then CMP gets three major donations for UWF and the museum (Browns;Trader Jon; Hunter) SOC is caught in a major lie.

Stop Our City helps Evan Johns write a viewpoint for the PNJ. Johns claims he wrote it himself, but he admits he ran it by Fairchild, Elebash and company.(Did Elebash write Johns’ viewpoint?; Evan Johns responds, ‘I wrote that viewpoint.’)

Stop Our City leader Charlie Fairchild visits Belmont Devillers to scare the black community into thinking their taxes will increase. CMP comes out with a new ad in which key black leaders speak in favor of the park: Ronald Townsend, Oliver Darden, Rev. Hugh King. Powerful new ad for Community Maritime Park

Stop Our City closes its “public” meetings. Appears to ban reporters, young professionals and minorities from its meetings. Councilman Marty Donovan does attend it and makes no effort to reopen the meeting to the public.Stop Our City kicks DeWeese out of meeting

Remember a “No” vote puts these guys in control of this City.