Pensacola has no black majority districts

For decades, the city of Pensacola has had two districts with a majority of African-American voters, Districts 5 and 7, and one that was nearly split evenly between blacks and whites, District 6. However, the influx of white residents into downtown and west Pensacola has changed the political landscape of the city.

In 2006, District 5 – which is currently represented by Gerald Wingate – the black community made up 52.8 percent of its registered voters. Six years it dropped to 51.8 percent, and as of last month the percentage was only 44.4 percent.

District 6 – which incorporates downtown Pensacola and is represented by Ann Hill – has had the biggest shift going from 48.1 percent black in 2006 to 36.9 percent currently.

District 7 -which covers west Pensacola and is represented by Jewel Cannada-Wynn – has seen its African-American voters drop from 57.4 percent to 46.4 percent.

If Pensacola votes strictly along racial lines next year, the Pensacola City Council might not have any African-American representation after the 2020 election.

City Districts6/30/064/2/125/31/19
District 16.8%6.7%6.9%
District 212.7%14.8%15.5%
District 32.3%2.7%3.0%
District 42.4%2.8%2.6%
District 552.8%51.8%44.4%
District 648.1%47.5%36.9%
District 757.4%51.9%46.4%

Overall the city has picked up 2,941 voters since June 2006 – the majority in District 6. Only District 3 – represented by Andy Terhaar – has lost voters.

City Districts6/30/064/2/125/31/19Increase
District 157915453580211
District 2502046805572552
District 3613457676117-17
District 4602156266281260
District 5516152745711550
District 64826480959921166
District 7432439704743419