PNJ wants City and County to pay

eyeToday the daily newspaper weighed in on the funding on the relocation of the Main Street Sewage Treatment plant – (City and county should kick in money).

What will make sense is for both the Pensacola City Council and the Escambia County Commission to come to the table with what they are willing to put up to facilitate the relocation of the Main Street Wastewater Treatment Plant.

I couldn’t disagree more.

  • If the City of Pensacola and Escambia County have $115 million lying around, then they are charging way too much for property taxes and other services.
  • We shouldn’t reward ECUA’s financial mismanagment. The utility has subsidized development by not charging adequate tap fees. Tap fees should be raised and pledged toward the plant. It may be time to sunset the utility and make it a county department.
  • If the City and County pay anything towards the plant – they should own a percentage of it and its revenues. Or let any contributions be loans.