Poll: Florida Panhandle against impeachment

Fox News last week released a national poll that showed more than half of the country believed President Donald Trump should be impeached and removed from office. Inweekly wanted to see what the Florida Panhandle thought and had The Political Matrix poll 789 likely voters in the First Congressional District.

Nearly two-thirds of  Northwest Florida voters said Trump should not be impeached and removed from office. The youngest voting block (21 and under) had the largest percentage in favor of impeachment and removal — 50%, followed by Traditionalist (65+) at 35%, Millennials (22-34) 33%, Boomers (45-64) 29% and Gen X (35-44) 27%.

Should Trump be impeached and removed from office?

Inweekly Fox Poll
Yes 32.2% 51.0%
No 63.6% 43.0%
Undecided 4.2% 6.0%

In its poll, Fox News asked those who said they were against impeachment and removal why and found 82% believed impeachment wasn’t warranted.  Panhandle voters agreed at higher percentage — 91.2%.

Inweekly Fox Poll
Impeached, not removed 3.0% 8.0%
No Impeachment 91.2% 82.0%
Undecided 5.8% 10.0%

The driving forcing behind impeachment has been the president’s dealings with Ukraine. Fox News found the situation surrounding President Trump’s dealings with the Ukraine president was extremely or very troubling to 51% of the country. In Northwest Florida, only 37 percent were extremely or very troubled.


Inweekly Fox Poll
Extremely Troubling 33.1% 38.0%
Very Troubling 4.1% 13.0%
Somewhat Troubling 8.2% 18.0%
Not at all 54.6% 26.0%

When Fox News asked the same question about the allegations concerning Joe Biden and his son’s dealings in Ukraine and China, 36% found it extremely or very troubling.  In the First Congressional District, 58.5% were extremely or very troubled by the allegations.


Inweekly Fox Poll
Extremely Troubling 46.6% 19.0%
Very Troubling 11.9% 17.0%
Somewhat Troubling 12.3% 26.0%
Not at all 29.2% 32.0%

Fox News also asked whether the Trump administration was more or less corrupt than the previous administration. Over half believed the Trump White House was more corrupt, while The Political Mattrix found Panhandle voters evenly split – 46.4%-45.8%.


Inweekly Fox Poll
More Corrupt 46.4% 51.0%
Less Corrupt 45.8% 27.0%
Same as Before 7.9% 18.0%


The Political Matrix: The persons sampled were likely Florida Congressional District 1 voters with a voting score of 100% for the general election cycles. The voters were called using an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system during the hours of 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. between Oct. 11-14, 2019. The Margin of Error for this study is +/- 4.5% with a confidence level of 95%.

Fox News Poll is conducted under the joint direction of Beacon Research  (formerly known as Anderson Robbins Research) and Shaw & Company Research. It was conducted by telephone (landline and cellphone)with live interviewers Oct. 6-8, 2019 among a random national sample of 1,003 registered voters.Results based on the full sample have a margin of sampling error of +/- 3.0%.