PS podcast: Political blunders and John Morgan hurt Crist campaign

CristOn Pensacola Speaks, I interviewed Peter Schorsch, creator the most influential political blog in the state,

When former Governor Charlie Crist announced on Monday that he would not run for the U.S. Senate in 2016, Schorsch wrote the announcement signaled the end of a political era.

“It is the end of the Charlie Crist era, which began in 1994 when he ran for State Senate and made a name for himself unlike really anybody else has been able to do in the legislature without being part of the leadership,” said Schorsch on News Talk 1370 WCOA’s Pensacola Speaks. “He’s run six times statewide in a general election ballot, probably is the most recognized forward politician even more so than Jeff Bush or Marco Rubio, but I think he took a left turn when he was not selected to be John McCain’s vice president in 2008.”

Schorsch said that Crist did not lose the 2014 gubernatorial race because of lack of funds. He said, “I don’t buy the argument that Rick Scott won just because he wrote a check. I think Charlie Crist’s campaign made a series of mistakes that led them to defeat. Rick Scott wrote just enough of a check to make sure that he won.”

When asked if Orlando attorney John Morgan hurt the Crist campaign, Schorsch said, “I think John Morgan is a hell of a trial attorney. I think he’s horrible politically. His ego and his checkbook have allowed him to enter into the political discourse that’s disproportionate to his ability when it comes to politics.”

He said that Morgan, who also backed Amendment 2 that would have legalized medical marijuana, has made one bad decision after another.

“I know he’s funny. He can kick back and have a drink. I’d love to hang out with John Morgan but as a political player, he is like Michael Jordan as an owner. He’s a lot better in another field,” he said. “I think that he was an anchor around Crist’s neck this last cycle.”


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