Radio: BBQ Joints

IN Your Head Radio tackles the national – and times, local – news stories that listeners might miss or get brief sound bites on. We’ve had a few big names – like Rudy Guilliani – but mainly we have reporters and experts on the news stories like the Obama/Clinton battle, Save Tibet, Recession and Sen. David Craig – Idaho Republican who got in trouble for his “wide stance” in an airport bathroom.

On Tuesday, I interviewed David Gelin on his latest book – BBQ Joints: Stories and Secret Recipes from the Barbeque Belt. Gelin talks about some of the best BBQ spots across the South.

Listen BBQ Joints

BTW: King’s BBQ – on the corner of Palafox and Maxwell – is not closing. I spoke with King Rivers, the owner, yesterday. The sale for the business fell through so Rivers and his wife plan to operate two more years. Go by there before it’s too late.