Radio: Dianna Fitzgerald

Founder of National Lissencephaly Network, Dianna Fitzgerald, will be on IN Your Head Radio to give us the latest update on Erin Markes. Listen from 1-2 p.m. on

I was reviewing my guest list for the past few months. We’ve cover quite a few topics and had some good people on the show. Here is a partial list:

Presidential race: Stratton Lawrence, Charleston City Paper; Michael DuHamie, Giuliani Campaign Manager; Jason Hancock, Des Moines Cityview; Bob Geary – N.C. Independent: State Sen. Nan Rich – Floridians for Hillary Clinton; Wisc. State Rep. Mike Sheridan – Obama campaign; Sen. Daryl Jones (Clinton); Jim Nintzel – AZ primary; James Dickerson Presidential Politics; Jackson Baker (Memphis Flyer); Max Brantley (Ark Times); Rudy Giuliani

National issues: Taser International: Steve Tuttle; Gerald Cilente -Trends Research Institute – on economy; Sarah Ardet: Immigration; Jim Hopkins – Gannett blog; Matt Robinson, FEMA trailers; Bob Doll – stock market; Michele Joseph, Director of Marketing for SunTran; Tania Julin – Chiquita lawsuit; Zack Taylor -Border Control; Ritch Workman, Bear Sterns collapse; Andisheh Nouraee, What is FARC?; Jennifer Daskal, Human Rights Watch; John Ackerly, President of Save Tibet; Steve Alten, author of “The Shell Game”; Kristi Graunke Southern Poverty Law Center; Brad Ashwell US Public Interest Research Group

State/local politics: Atty General Bill McCollum; Trey Price/FL Realtors – subprime market; Eric Stevenson – DUI Guy; Jim Paul; Marv Wopat: UAW, EAP; Katie White: CMPA; Dave Szymanski – Midway Fire tax; State Senator Mike Fassano; Dave Bullock Assistant County Administrator, Sarasota County; Lucy Morgan SP Times – Retiree Loophole; Rainy Booth – Global Scavenger Hunt; Chris Webster, TEC Survival Kit

Environment: Atty Paul Flaunlacker, Mussle loaders; Chrissy Littledale Bayou Chico dredging; Dr. Dick Snyder, Escambia Bay fish; John Hutchinson, Gulf Power

Community Service: Brunie Emmanuel/Homeless Coalition; Ashley Brown; Mona Amodeo – Shumpert dedication; John Hosman – Am Red Cross; Scott Miller, Circles of Poverty; Marina Paul, United Way; Jason Crawford, PYP Leadership Institute; Grassroots Soccer