Real News podcast: Panhandle economy ‘on fire’

Adrienne Slack is vice president and regional executive at the New Orleans Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. She is part of the Federal Reserve Bank’s Regional Economic Information Network group that helps gathers information from around the District that feeds into monetary policy and national economic outlook.

Slack was my guest on 1370 WCOA this morning, and we talk about our local economy.

“The Panhandle of Florida, in a nutshell, has been on fire since COVID,” said Slack. “My contacts there have been very different to talk to versus any other state I just named, in that, because you all have beautiful beaches and wonderful hospitality, you’ve been a drive-to destination for many during this virus, and there are a number of people, my contacts tell me, permanently relocating to Northwest Florida.”

She continued, “So that has the economy there really in a place that has been pretty healthy throughout this, and as the rest of the economy recovers, that is not pulled back for the contacts I have or the information that I see for Northwest Florida.”

What is our outlook for next year?

“The outlook for Northwest Florida is continued strong demand, is what I am hearing,” said Slack. “I am not hearing anyone that is saying they don’t expect the strong demand for services. The activity in the construction space will continue for your area.”