Real News podcast: UWF President Martha Saunders

Dr. Martha Saunders shared the University of West Florida’s plans to curb COVID-19 cases on its campus on NewsTalk 1370 WCOA yesterday.

“I would certainly wish we could go back to the days when the biggest complaint we got from students was parking spaces, but we’ve got COVID to deal with right now,” said Saunders. “Our plan is this–I’m trying to keep it very, very simple.”

She continued, “We think everybody should be vaccinated, and we’re making it as easy as we can for our students and our employees to get vaccinated. We have had vaccination days, and we’re having some more scheduled, prizes, fun, carnival and trying to make that an appealing thing to do.”

Students, faculty and staff will wear face masks indoors.

“We have taken our advice from the Florida Department of health throughout the pandemic,” said the UWF president. “It’s paid off for us. And they’re telling us whether you’re vaccinated or not, at least for a while, everybody needs to wear a mask indoors and that’s what we’re asking people as well.”

Saunders added, “Other than that, we’re pressing on. Classes are set, students start arriving next week. And we start again on the 23rd.”