Scott: State to offer free Zika virus tests for pregnant women

While in Gulf Breeze this morning, Gov. Rick Scott said the state’s health departments will offer pregnant women free tests for the Zika virus.

“I’ve been traveling the state to make sure we’re prepared for Zika,” said the governor. “We have 50 cases in the state. We have one square mile north of downtown Miami where we think there might be local transmission. We’ve tested over 2,300 people in our state, we’ve tested 340 people right in that area, and we’re not seeing new cases, which is very positive.”

He said, “Our mosquito control efforts, our education efforts are really paying off. We are going to make sure that all pregnant women have the opportunity to get a free test for Zika. Our county health departments all across the state are working on that. We’re already doing it in that one square mile area. We’re going to be doing that all across the state.”