Scott’s transition teams make bold recommendations

….is Pensacola Mayor-elect Ashton Hayward’s team watching Gov-elect Rick Scott’s transition teams? Scott’s groups have made some bold recommendations:

Education: Massive restructuring of education that would provide vouchers for all, eliminate teacher job protection and tie school salaries to student performance

Health and Human Services: Merge the departments of Health and Elder Affairs with AHCA and Persons with Disabilities. The big new agency would be called the Department of Health and Human Services.

Regulatory Reform: Fold three agencies now overseeing environmental protection, growth management and transportation into a single agency called the Department of Growth Leadership.

Law and Order Transition: Decentralize the state’s prison agency and detaching it from the police unions while eventually merging the Department of Juvenile Justice with the Department of Children & Families.

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Change and transition aren’t for the timid.