Sheriff’s Office rounds up Brownsville gangs

ECSO Release: Investigation Into Brownsville Gang Nets Ten Arrests:

An almost four month investigation by the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office Gang Unit and Agents with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) has culminated with charges being filed on eight known gang members and two gang associates.

The following individuals are members of a criminal street gang known as the “Garnet Circle Boys” a local street gang that primarily operates out of Brownsville. Below is a list of suspects along with their current charges:

-George Davis (22), 2 counts Sale of Cocaine, Bond $200,000.
-Myron Dale (18), 2 counts Sale of Cocaine, Bond $100,000.
-Kareem Black (21), 3 counts Sale of Cocaine, Bond $150,000.
-Joseph F. Booker (20), 1 count Sale of Cocaine, Bond $50,000.
-Aaron Booker (18), 3 counts Sale of Cocaine, Bond $150,000.
-Cordeal Hawthorne (23), 2 counts Sale of Cocaine, Bond $100,000.
-Lawon Dale (16), 2 counts Sale of Cocaine. Juvenile so no bond.
-Darrius Gaston (15), 3 counts Sale of Cocaine, Bond $150,000. Associate
-Alvin Brock (20), 3 counts Sale of Cocaine, Bond $150,000.
***Brock also has two active warrants for shoplifting***
-Dequian Watson (16), 2 counts Sale of Cocaine, Juvenile so no bond. Associate

The Gang Unit and FDLE Agents believe that there are over 20 documented gang
members or associates with this gang and that well over half are now in jail or have
active warrants for their arrest.

During the round-up of the suspects, which began today at around 1:00 p.m. over $1,200 in cash along with a quantity of cocaine, marijuana and a vehicle have been seized.

Sheriff David Morgan stated that “this is further proof of the commitment to clean up not only Brownsville but other communities within our county with the continued work by not only our agency but FDLE to eradicate gang activity.”

This investigation still remains open and more arrests are expected as the investigation continues. As of this release, only Alvin Brock remains at large.