SOC supporter jumps on us….probably won’t join BSoc

I received this email from a SOC supporter. My response is below:

GrumpyIt is my personal opinion that anyone writing an article on the Maritime Park Project as you have done and published it for others to read, hasn’t done his/her research. I sat on the initial committee for this project and still have the original documents and plans. To this day those plans are nothing of what was discussed or presented to the general public and what they believe to be the final results of the project. Yes this property is overgrown and weed infested, but to become the sole dream of one rich man and used as simply a baseball stadium than why is it he is not paying the $40,000,000.00f dollars required to make his dream come true. The residents of Pensacola should not be expected to pay for others dreams when many of them cannot even afford the necessities in life.

Admiral Fedderman died and his dream of a museum went along with him, now the picnic areas are a thing of the past for families to enjoy, the open boat dock, the five story parking garage: what is next? There is nothing left and it would be wrong to suggest to the people through your uninformed piece of hipe that this so called Water Front Park is exactly that a park, if looked up for the exact meaning it doesn’t even fall under park, ball field is just that and nothing else.

My final suggestion is do your research and then provide the true story to the people, the residents prefer the truth, not a bunch of words describing newspapers personal opinion. As for the public support of this project, it is obvious there are more against this project than for it. I watch and attend the City Council meetings and see the residents pleading with the council members who just ignore them, they do as they please and have done this for a long time. It is as though they forgot they were voted in by the people and be taken out the same way. There are many as I said against the project but they just can’t afford to put out signs stating this.

A written response is requested.

Thank you, xxxx


We have done our research, and you’re falling victim to the Stop Our City hype without reading the actual legal documents concerning the Community Maritime Park.

This park is much more than a baseball park – in fact the stadium itself is more than just a baseball park. We actually did a cover story on minor league baseball parks, they’re many different uses, and how they have successfully revitalized cities. I can email you a copy.

More money is being spent cleaning up the park – remember it was once a fuel storage site – and than for construction of the stadium. All the waterfront is open for a public park. Have you seen the latest renderings? I can set up for you to see them, if you like. Also the master lease and developer agreements spell this out.

The museum is still a part of the park – just as it was when Jack died. His widow, Nancy, is on the board of trustees of the Community Maritime Park Associates. Sen. John McCain, Sen. Bill Nelson, former ABC anchor David Hartman and Saints owner Tom Benson are raising money for it. Quint Studer has pledged to donate over $2 million for it. Why do you believe there won’t be a museum?

Quint Studer makes not one dime from this deal. Any profits from the team are donated to local charities. If he sells the team, any profits will go to local charities.
He takes no salary from the Community Maritime Park Associates or Pensacola Pelicans and will not sit on the board of trustees of CMPA.

Our opinions and news articles are based on the facts. What documents are you basing your opinions on? I would like to read them. Or if there is a specific fact on which you think I erred, let me know and I will provide you the documentation to support it.

Rick Outzen

PS I, too, would appreciate answers to my questions.