Springdale opens baseball park

Six weeks before Pensacola voters approved the Community Maritime Park, Springdale, Ark. passed a referendum for a baseball park. They played their first game in the park yesterday.

From the Morning News:

Springdale mayor Jerry Van Hoose stood on the concourse of his city’s crown jewel with a look of disbelief on his face Thursday.

He watched nearly every bit of the construction of Arvest Ballpark. He knew just how beautiful the facility was going to be. But it didn’t quite prepare Van Hoose for the power of the finishing touch, which began trickling through the gates with gaping smiles two hours before the first pitch.

“I didn’t realize how sterile this place was until the people walked in,” Van Hoose said. “They gave it heart. I really wasn’t prepared to see all this joy.”

Joy……if only our mayor and city council could only understand how they have failed us.

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