SRIA misuses beautification funds

The Santa Rosa Island Authority has a beautification fund. Has the SRIA used that fund to buy equipment to get the tar balls and oil off the beach? No.

How about buying a skimmer or another sand rake/sifter? No.

The SRIA voted last Wednesday to pay $500,000 to build a stage on private property, the new Margaritaville hotel.

Their intentions may be all good (concerts could attract customers), but using beautification funds to enhance someone’s private property and support entertainment aren’t justifiable uses of these funds. This is a misappropriation of public dollars.

I hope the County Comptroller, Ernie Lee Magaha, and the County Attorney, Alison Rogers, look into this before any checks are written.

Gulf Shores, Okaloosa County and Bay County are using TDC dollars for their concerts.