Stop the Midway madness

Today’s PNJ has gloom and doom viewpoint on the Midway Fire District ( Midway voters, what have you done?)

This is ridiculous. Amendment 1 won’t cut MFD’s funding from property taxes in half. However the MFD is threatening to cut its firefighter workforce in half and close one of its two stations.

What the MFD should be doing is figuring out how to provide the best level of service possible with the tax dollars it receives – $2,657,665. Quit scaring the residents.

It is extremely obvious that new leadership is needed. The MFD fire board needs to be replaced with people who will lead without using fear and intimidation.

Who is the Midway Fire Board? Jacque Gorris, Chairman; Joe McPherson, Vice Chairman; Clyde Broome, Treasurer; Buck Thackeray; TJ Emma, Secretary.