Tea Party doesn’t get it

Here is the latest message from the National Tea Party. Instead of talking about British Petroleum, Cheney’s hand in the deregulation of offshore drilling and the corruption of Mineral Management Services, the Tea Party is fights ” Left-Wing Socialcrats.” Tea Party “values” have very little to do with justice or government corruption. It’s about attacking an African-American president and a Democrat-controlled Congress. Their words are outrageous and insulting to any thinking American

These are desperate times for America, unless we have Tea Party Guardians protecting our values, we will fall.

I am asking for help, America is asking for help. Will you answer?

The fight to protect our values is growing hotter. The socialists who at one time felt emboldened now feel cornered and threatened. As you read this, the Globalists, with all of their vast resources are organizing to fight Conservative Patriots, tooth and nail. The Army of Darkness will not be defeated easily; they lust for control of our beloved Nation. They know, if we falter on just one issue they can win all!

Consider this fact, we are spending our resources faster than ever, just trying to stay ahead of the Socialists onslaught of greed. The fight is forcing us to travel to Washington to meet with decision makers, mail countless letters and make endless presentations. Our teams are now gathering coalition partners to help in the fight, but this still may not be enough!

In short, it has become obvious we are here for the long haul and it is not getting easier. The only way the Tea Party can win is with the undying support of Patriots like you.

The liberal cabal has fat-cat favors from cash rich Political potentates funding their takeover of America. They suck at the rear tit of the Global Elite and gleam secret kickbacks from the Mortgage Moguls Obama bailed out with your hard earned tax dollars.

In a nutshell, what about us? We fight with pennies, many times marching empty handed against immeasurable odds! All the while the Left-Wing Socialcrats bask in obese pools of ACORN type booty! We no longer can stand by and watch while U.S. Cities turn against law abiding U.S. Citizens because Citizen Victims want to protect themselves, such is in the case of Arizona.

The truth is, I and my staff had to make an emergency trip to Arizona just a few short weeks ago, much of which came from our paltry petty cash box.

Truthfully, we must have aid to secure America against all odds. We must have support that will not dry up or wither. The stakes are too high and the cost of losing too great to bear.

Here’s the secret, we have a daring plan which calls for strong Patriots to step up. We have created a Win-Win Plan.

Here it is: I am asking you to become a Tea Party Guardian and Join the 2911 Plan.

To make matters crystal clear, we must have our friends become Tea Party Guardians and pledge $ 29.11 per month. Without a new source of dependable revenue the Tea Party could very well be stymied or possibly worse.

Get this, we need dozens of tough Patriots to become Tea Party Guardians and say ‘YES’ to the 2911 Plan. Once you join, we will transmit a powerful fax blast to all 100 Senators, 435 Members of the House and all 50 Governors! We will send a Red Hot Fax Blast, valued well over $57.00, but as a Guardian your $29.11 pledge will cover the cost, leaving a few cents over for our operational expenses.

We won’t stop there, we will repeat a powerful fax blast for you month in and month out as our way of amplifying your fax voice as you Guard our precious values which make our nation great.

It’s simple; as a Tea Party Guardian enlisted in the 2911 Plan we will send you as many support opportunities as possible, from dynamic conference calls to new authors eBooks. But you can be assured we will send out a powerful fax blast to all the Senators, Congressmen and Governors, 585 faxes in total, each and every month that you are a member.

Listen up, please, this battle is too important and the stakes are too high! Help us stabilize our budget and at the same time send a powerful fax to all Senators, Members of the House and all Governors!