Tim Horton for Pensacola Mayor (podcast)

Tim Horton is one of the three people who have pre-filed to be Pensacola’s next mayor.

“I’m a 1982 graduate of Woodham High School,” said Horton on NewsTalk 1370 WCOA’s “Real News.” “I grew up in Pensacola. Pensacola is my hometown. I served a stint in the Navy until I got hurt in the first Gulf War. Came back, went back to college.”

He added, “I’m a fifth generation Pensacola. My great, great, great grandfather, four grandfathers ago, came across in Spain. Francis B. Bobo, which was a three-time mayor of Pensacola, was two great grandfathers ago. He served between 1855-1859, 1862-1863, which is the time of the Civil War and Pensacola was taken over and changed flags. Then he came back, served 1863 to 1866.”